2017 Honda CBR500R, EN VENTA desde EE.UU. A CUBA - $4,000

  • 22 octubre, 9:00 PM
  • Los Pinos (Arroyo Naranjo)
  • Motos / Scooters

We also help Cubans get a VISA for United states from Miss Sarah-Ann Lynch our board member and Ambassador at the US Embassy of Guyana, for Cubans. to meet their families or come with their families and find them good jobs to sustain life and attain big dreams.

We throw our condolences to those who have lost members in their families during this rough moment of the Coronavirus. We urge everyone to intensively careful and apply every measure necessary to prevent themselves from this pandemic ailment.

Well about the CAR business in Cuba, give me the chance to walk in to your life and teach you the big trends in Cuba today and how you can invest your money in any part of the world fit for human habitation.

About Us In the diplomatic union, we are five in the team as board members, and on our list you can find;


We have partnered with car dealers who can provide any car of Cubans discretion.

We can be your permanent supplier in all times, we supply you cars and motorcycles with spare parts and also for those who need extra house appliances like Air conditions, light bulbs, antiques, AND MORE.

Please follow the complete steps to understand how to become a successful car owner or car broker in CUBA.
It is no magic to import cars in to Cuba, though Cubans cannot do this, there are competent category of people who can perfectly do this such as foreign Diplomats and Journalists.

since Cubans have been banned from importing cars in to Cuba, until now there has been an unchangeable law authorizing only diplomats, journalist, foreign contractors and foreign companies affiliated in Cuba to be the categories of people who are allowed to import cars in to Cuba.
Apart from just buying cars from us, we have also partnered with food producers from which you can also buy food products like RICE, WHEAT, POTATOES, TOMATOES, AVOCADO, AND MORE, which we can help you get from local manufacturers and large scale farmers in USA for wholesale prices and export to Cuba put in a refrigerated shipping container along side with the cars in their own containers being shipped to Cuban buyers and investors.

As diplomats, we have created a means to ship vehicles into Cuba for our Cuban friends and register the vehicles withe name of the Cuban as a GIFT to our Cuban friends.

We import cars in to Cuba using the diplomatic auto Importation company and we use 4 documents to register the car with the buyer's names in Cuba.

The buyer must have these 4 documents which are used to export the car from the US and to enable me in clearing the car from the cuban custom.

--The 4 documents used for legalization process are:

1) Original Car Title document

2) Original sales invoice document

3) Cuban identification card or Cuban passport

4) Vehicle export registration receipt and Container rental receipt

From the 4 documents above, the buyer is required to pay for renting a container for exportation of the car which cost 1300$ billed for the buyer to pay at the beginning of the process.

The buyer pays for the container because only the buyer's names must be on the container receipt at the beginning of process that must be used to legalize the car with the buyer's names in Cuba to make it a personal car for a Cuban .

I already have the Car Title document.

I will issue the buyer a sales invoice contract document.

The buyer will submit the Cuban ID CARD photos to me to start the process.

The 4 documents listed above will be used to register the car with buyer's names at the ministry of transport office in Cuba that permits the car to legally circulate with the registration papers and license plate number on the roads of Cuba.


The process takes 10 days for the car to arrive Cuba.

After the container ship has taken off from the US, the shipping company will send the buyer and seller a mail container the BILL OF LADING DOCUMENT which container shipment details and a tracking code used by the buyer to track the shipment location to know when it arrives Cuba.

When the car arrives Cuba, I will be in Cuba to clear the car from the custom and will go to the ministry of transport to register the car with the buyer's name.

I will use 2 days to register and legalize the car with buyer's names.

The ministry of transport will issue me the license and registration papers with vehicle number plate for the car to allow the car circulate in Cuba.

The car will be brought to the house of the buyer in Cuba where the buyer and the seller will sign the car ownership documents with witnesses of both parties.

The buyer has 7 days free to test drive the car in Cuba to confirm the vehicle conditions .

The buyer is given 9 months to complete payment by installment.

The buyer has 5 year warranty given for the car in Cuba during payment at the end of the process .

To make sure that you have understood everything, If you have any questions, please ask so we can clarify you asap.

Even if you have the money to buy a car, we can ship you the car to sell it in Cuba, you enjoy the profits and pay just the cost price of the car in USA .

All you need to do is to pay the 1300$ .for the container rental and export registration to Cuba for any car you have chosen that we ship to you in Cuba.

Please we need only honest, reliable and loyal Cubans to do this with.

Please Call us to have a conversation if you speak English, for those who don't speak English, you can find someone who speaks English or you can send us a text message on WHATSAPP to close the deal. For those who live in other countries where calls to the united states are expensive, please text us by WHATSAPP to close a deal.

Wish you the best in advance and good luck.

Contact for a quick deal with us.

⚫ Email: johnrakoltajr@gmail.com

⚫ phone and WhatsAPP: +1 (631) 769-4851

  • Precio: $4,000
  • Marca: Honda
  • Tipo de motor: Gasolina
  • Caja: Automática
  • Año de Fabricación: 2017